Back on it

Back to Western Park this morning for regular bloods and check up recent scans are showing that the immuno therapy is still working its magic and holding the cancer where it should be. (But I wish that it would just fuck off)

So showing no signs of spreading and I’m very grateful that this treatment is working for me at this moment in time as it only works for52% of patients with my type of cancer. Immuno therapy is still very new to the cancer world and a few years ago this wouldn’t have been an option for me. So this treatment may be classed as palliative care but I’m okay with that as it’s keeping me alive for now it may make me feel bloody horrible at times provide me with the most awkward rash upset stomach a regular bowel habits bad back feeling sick tired and generally rubbish. But it’s worth it to be here with my family and to be a husband a dad and a mate. Not sure what the next three months will bring or even weeks but today I will do a chase to me are use thank you for the amazing team at Western Park for keeping me here and just giving me more time.

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