Around Seven Years Ago

Around this time seven years ago I don’t noticed a red mark on the white area of my eye. This was just the start of my journey or rollercoaster as Adele describe it with living with malignant melanoma. With SheffieldHallamshire hospital and Western Park becoming my second home living with cancer has just become normal to me Adele and the boys.

Adele says I’m superhuman with what my body is gone through over the years but I’m not I have just battled in battle to stay here don’t get me wrong I have had days when I thought do you know what I’m done! I even said goodbye to Adele but then I think of her and the boys and that just keeps me battling. Over the years I have had a lot of surgery and treatment firstly to my eye I had surgery to remove a large tumour where it all started and then I had numerous rounds of radiotherapy to my eye they stitch a metal plaque to my eye for 48 hours nice!

The cancer kept returning so I then had two or three more operations to remove smaller tumours on my eye then chemotherapy injections into my eyeball. Major surgery to my head and neck as it then spread to my saliva re gland. Then eight weeks every day of radiotherapy to my head and neck resulting in huge weight loss dehydration loss of taste damage tongue having to learn to eat solid food again to now the cancer is at stage four in my bones And no cure it’s justtreatable treatment now to keep me alive every four weeks and eight tablets a day to keep the pain at bay fuck me what a seven years it’s been thankful for the treatment again today.

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  1. Anita Whittaker says:

    Keep on fighting Tim you are amazing. Its unimaginable what you must be going through. But your story is inspirational!


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