Is that really a word why are you ask any cancer patient who is waiting for scans and then waiting for the results

I’ve not been sleeping too well worrying (I’m not even a worrier) I l kJ BBCI

I know my cancer is not curable but has it moved again? Living with this bastard has just become the norm.

There are so many things I have learned inside this experience that has changed me internally and that has affected my life and those around me in such a way positive scary and beautiful way that it’s been the most horrific thing in my life but May also be a blessing that I can now see and embrace the bigger picture.

The goal as it turns out he is not to get well soon but to heal as best you can on your own time. Cancer stop me in my tracks and I think I’ve become a better human being because of it. Unfortunately there is no get well soon guy that comes with a cancer diagnosis that is the ultimate goal of get rid of cancer. 

But the treatment plan for a cancer patient is there nothing beyond the small print about the side effects on your body and mind. I have just learnt and adapted to do the very best I can. Am I a warrior or thriver fuck knows I’m just moving forward.

CT scan and the effects metallic taste in the mouth warm feeling in the lower body almost feeling like you’ve wet yourself very weird

MRI noisy long just relax and don’t move you’re not going anywhere.

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  1. Janet Cox says:

    Hi Tim I can relate to every emotion you’ve felt from the beginning of your cancer journey. I was diagnosed in 2012 with Medullary Thyroid Cancer -rare & incurable but typically slow growing. I’m under a Dr at the Royal Marsden in London & I’m having ct scan & bloods on Monday. I’m 57 and although we’re all going to die one day when you’re living with terminal cancer it’s a whole different story.
    We live not far from the Angel at Hetton so if you’re ever in the area please get in touch & we’ll join you for a meal . Good luck with your immunotherapy treatment as it’s very promising & you could get some amazing results 💖
    Sending lots of good wishes to you & your lovely family xx

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    1. Tim Bilton says:


      so sorry for the late reply I’m trying to get my head around this new Mac I’m using.

      Stay strong massive love Tim x


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