Yorkshire choice awards

This was very surprising and very humbling when I found this out last weekend I’ve been nominated for a Yorkshire choice awards for inspirational individual of the year wow

Turning something so devastating into something positive is only a good thing and to be honest it’s really nice to be recognised as an inspirational individual. I sometimes think when I’m doing my post on social media and my blog that it does in fact have an impact on other peoples lives which is only a good thing. 

So if you would like to vote for me then please go to the Yorkshire choice awards and follow the links I’m under the nomination for inspirational individual I know a few people that are voted for me and it’s a massive thank you from me if you have to be honest just to be recognised is a very proud saving so thank you in advance and keep following my blog to keep up-to-date as how my stage four cancer treatment is going.

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  1. Janine Mekarkash says:

    Absolutely no hesitation voting for you!
    Reading your blog and hearing you speak is humbling, heartbreaking, hilarious but most of all, inspirational.
    Oh, and our Sophie thinks you’re ace xxx

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